Transportcraft (1)

Welcome to the TransportCraft WikiaEdit

Documentation for Codasylph's TransportCraft mod for Minecraft.

Getting StartedEdit

The most basic TransportCraft travel system is a simple Transport Hub and a collection of Linked Pearls allowing you to teleport home at any time from any place in the world at the cost of a pearl and a little health. Improve your system by placing Access Points in your most frequented places. Build a Hub Controller and improve your Access Points with Transport Receivers to allow travel to your Access Points from the hub and you have yourself a full blown fast travel network.


Linked Pearl, Transdimensional Broadcast Chip, Power Broadcast Chip, Resonant Pearl, Linked Resonant Pearl, Linking Amulet, Linking Belt, Linking Ring, Blank Microchip


Transport Hub, Access Point, Hub Controller, Transport Receiver, Linkable Block, Anti-Incursion Field Generator

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