A Resonant Pearl functions exactly as a normal Ender Pearl.

It is used in certain crafting recipes and can also be linked in a Transport Hub with Glowstone instead of Redstone, this process requires 8000 RF and is immediate.


At this point it becomes a Linked Resonant Pearl, a specialized version of the Linked Pearl which can be linked to locations that do not contain a hub. By shift right clicking with the pearl in hand a Linked Resonant Pearl binds itself to the location where the player is standing. If used the pearl will then teleport the player to this new location, consuming the pearl. Linked Resonant Pearls do not currently function in Access Points but they can be placed in Linkable Blocks allowing for the creation of interesting new traps or travel systems.

Note: because the Linked Resonant Pearl can be linked to locations that don't have a Hub and Controller the Linked Resonant Pearl cannot be used to cross dimensions at this time.

Recipe Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Ender Pearl

Ender Pearl

Eye of Ender

Ender Pearl

Ender Pearl

Resonant Pearl